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Tropical Storm Irene Inflicts Damage on Lake George
Irene2Lake George shorelines, streambanks, docks and boats all took a beating from Tropical Storm Irene. See a video here, and view photos on the LGA's Facebook page. (Contribute your own storm photos to the page as well.) 

The effects of the storm reiterate the importance of the LGA's Lake Saving Projects. The importance of our work
to stabilize streambanks, construct and clean out sediment basins, create wetlands, and install stormwater treatment infrastructure becomes quite clear during storms like this one.  (But that doesn't mean we ever want to see another storm like this ever again!) 

Meanwhile, The Lake George Park Commission has issued a boating advisory for all areas of the lake due to high water conditions and floating debris. “Boaters should be cautious due to the extraordinary number and size of floating hazards. Crews have found and retrieved trees, docks and even a timber bulkhead from the lake,” said Bruce E. Young, commission chair.  Lake George water level has crested but remains at springtime highs. The high water amplifies the effects of wakes. “Please be extra careful near shore with your boat wake since many docks and boats have already been damaged,” Mr. Young said.  The DEC reports that many of the camping and day use area docks are missing or damaged.

Boaters are asked to remove smaller floating hazards they encounter and to report any large hazards. Please note the exact location when reporting a concern to the Marine Patrol -- call (518) 743‐2500.

Asian Clam Fight Receives Additional Funding
Asianclamslotsofthem 2At their meeting last week, the Lake George Park Commission voted unanimously to provide an additional $200,000 to fight the Asian clam, bringing their total investment in the eradication project up to $275,000 for the 2011-12 budget.

Earlier this month, Warren County agreed to provide $100,000 from occupancy tax money to help in the fight.  See the Post Star story here.

Additional funding will still be needed to successfully eradicate this highly destructive invasive clam.

The Asian clam has now been identified in four separate locations on Lake George, and the effort to survey the entire lake for the invasive is ongoing.  Staff and volunteers from various organizations, including the LGA, have been actively surveying dozens of shoreline sites and examining the lake bottom for evidence of the clam.

AsianClamsurveying in green harbor 2Pictured here, snorkelers sieve sediments for Asian clams along the shoreline while the boat crew records the data and keeps an eye on those in the water.  Survey work is slow going, averaging only about 0.2 miles per hour.

The current projected cost to complete treatment this fall of the first site alone – in the south basin off the west side of the village of Lake George shoreline – is now close to $600,000. Divers at the Boon Bay site have determined that the size of the infestation there is similar to that in the south basin – almost 5 acres. The other two sites - off Treasure Cove and Norowal Marina - are smaller in size.

Volunteers are needed to help survey for Asian clams, and to help with mat, rebar and sand bag retrieval in the south basin this fall. If you are willing to assist with either of these efforts this fall, please contact Emily DeBolt at 668-3558.

126th Annual Meeting a Success - Attended by Over 125 People
2011 Annual Meeting Ken EnglerWe were pleased to welcome over 125 members and friends at our annual meeting at the Lake George Club on Friday, August 19.

Lee Woodruff, a New York Times bestselling author and fifth generation summer resident of Lake George, shared memories of how Lake George was a powerful healing force after her husband Bob was injured while reporting for ABC news in Iraq. She reading from her latest book, Perfectly Imperfect, and signed copies for attendees.

Lee2Long-time LGA volunteer and board member Ken Engler was honored for his many years of service to Lake George.

Read the full news release here.  See a gallery of pictures here.

(Pictured above, left to right: Walt Lender, Bob de Buys, Victor Hershaft and Ken Engler. Pictured at right: Lee Woodruff.)
West Brook Concept "G" Approved by Warren County Supervisors
This week the Warren County Supervisors reviewed the design concepts for the West Brook Environmental Park that were created by Elan Associates, as a result of the July public planning sessions.  See more drawings here.

WestBrookConceptGSeveral different features for the park were included in the proposed concepts: a children’s water feature near Route 9 in the shape of Lake George; a children’s environmental play area; public restrooms; a circular central festival space for large gatherings and parking; a fire tower; an elevated walkway over the brook itself; and diagonal metered parking on a widened West Brook Road.

The planning group is also considering the possibility of bringing back the two-story carousel which was once a part of Gaslight Village, and which has been in storage in Vermont since 2000, when it was purchased at auction for $125,000.    

The public hearing to review the concepts will take place in late September - stay tuned! Read more about the West Brook Conservation Initiative here. Read a Post Star story here.

LGA Lake Stewards Report Mid-Summer Findings
LakeStewardDunhams2011As of August 13, LGA lake stewards have interacted with almost 7,000 boats and have removed 78 specimens of invasive species, including 61 of Eurasian watermilfoil, 10 of curly-leaf pondweed, 5 of water chestnut, and 2 of zebra mussel.

Ken Parsons, a boater from Wakefield, Mass took the time to write us to share his experiences with the program:

LakeStewardBritt“I would like to relate how impressed I am with Britt Gellenthien (pictured at left), the lake steward at the Roger Rock Campground launching ramp. My wife and I were at Rogers Rock for two weeks in July and again for 9 days in August. During both visits we launched our boat into Lake George almost daily and came into contact with Britt on each launching. He was attentive and dedicated to his duties every time. He greeted us, inspected the boat and trailer when we launched, and removed the boat from the water. He took his job very seriously, and never missed an opportunity to educate everyone who was using the ramp.”

As the Asian clam project is reminding us, education and spread prevention are extremely important in the battle against invasive species. Once a new invader is introduced, the costs of dealing with it are high. Programs such as the lake steward program are much more cost effective and need to be a priority for Lake George.

A final report with all the data and results of the program will be available at the end of the season. For the first time, we will have some limited coverage at both the Mossy Point and Million Dollar Beach launches during the shoulder season, from Labor Day to Columbus Day. We are looking forward to what we can learn from this expanded coverage.

Phosphorus Detergent Ban Now in Effect
PhosphorusFreeDetergentBottleThe New York Department of Environmental Conservation is reminding New Yorkers that one of the provisions of the new 2010 Dishwater Detergent and Nutrient Runoff Law is now in effect. 

As of August 14, 2011 the sale of dishwasher detergent containing phosphorus for household use is prohibited.  

In January of 2012 a second provision will go into effect: the use of fertilizer containing phosphorus on non-agricultural lawns and turf will be restricted to when a new lawn is being established or when a soil test indicates additional phosphorus is needed.  Also in January:
  • Application of any fertilizer for non-farm use will be prohibited between December 1 and April 1.
  • Application of any fertilizer within 20 feet of a waterbody or on paved surfaces is restricted.
  • Retailers must display fertilizer that contains phosphorus separately from phosphorus-free fertilizer and must post signs notifying customers of the new terms of the law.
LGA Clean Boating Program Receives Funding
Clean Boating GrantThe LGA has received a grassroots grant from the BoatU.S. Foundation worth $3,950. Using this grant funding, the LGA will launch a new clean boating program next spring.
“The cumulative actions of boaters can dramatically affect water quality when clean boating practices are followed, so it’s important for each boater to share responsibility for keeping the Lake clean,” said Kristen Rohne, the LGA’s watershed educator.
Under the new program, boaters will sign a pledge stating that they will be a clean boater and will receive an LGA guide to clean boating practices, including recommendations for fueling, oil in the bilge, sewage, cleaning, hazardous wastes, trash and aquatic invasive species. Safe boating and special navigation rules for Lake George will also be addressed in the guide. Participants will receive spill prevention materials and will be recognized on the LGA website.  Read the full news release here.

Warren County Advocates for New Invasive Species Law
The Warren County Board of Supervisors is considering enacting a new law to make the introduction and transport of aquatic invasive species into Warren County waterbodies illegal.

A public hearing on the new law will take place on September 16 at 10 am in the municipal center.  Read a Post-Star story here.

APA Tours Asian Clam Sites
AsianClamSurveywithAPAStaff from the Adirondack Park Agency toured the Asian clam infestation sites last week.

Permits will be needed from the APA to work at new infestation sites recently found along the west shoreline of the Lake. (Norowal, Treasure Cove and Boon Bay). To keep the process moving forward, APA staff reviewed the new sites to see if they would have jurisdiction. LGA member and past president Buck Bryan captained his boat while LGA Director of Education Emily DeBolt explained the sites to APA staff, as well as staff from the Lake Champlain Basin Program and the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program. 

APA staff used a rake toss to make quick assessments of each site and to determine if vegetation was present in amounts that would constitute a freshwater wetland. (The APA has jurisdiction of freshwater wetlands found in the Lake up to two meters in depth.)
Volunteers Needed for Invasive Plant Removal at West Brook - Sat. Sept. 17
ShrubbyHoneysucklePlease help us on Sat. Sept. 17 from 9 am – 1 pm.  We need to replace invasive shrubby honeysuckle that is taking over the streambank of West Brook. While the north and south parcels on either side of the brook are part of the West Brook Conservation Initiative, the stream itself has a number of invaders, and removing them is not part of the plans for the park. Meet us at the section of West Brook nearest to the Lake. We will be replacing the invasives with native plants and shrubs. 
Bring work gloves, clippers, loppers, and shovels if you have them (be sure to put your name on your tools before you arrive). Some tools will be available. 
This event is sponsored by the LGA and the Southern Adirondack Audubon Society (SAAS). The SAAS received a grant from Together Green for this event.

For more info contact Emily at the LGA at 668-3558.

(Photo of shrubby honeysuckle, courtesy of: Warner Park Nature Center Archive, Warner Park Nature Center, Bugwood.org)
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