Planned Giving to the Lake George Association

Please consider an investment in the next generation...

Lake George has provided all of us with countless memories, amazing experiences of a lifetime shared with family and friends. LGA's Planned Giving options offer you a way to invest in a trusted organization dedicated to sustaining the beauty and serenity of Lake George for the future.

  • Joining the Helen V. Froehlich Legacy Society to extend your own legacy…

A charitable bequest is one of the simplest and most versatile ways to make an impactful gift, and often at a level not possible during one’s lifetime. A bequest can be made for a specific amount or a percentage of your estate. Your gift can consist of cash, securities, real estate, or personal property. It can be for general use or restricted for a specific program or service. This special gift truly reflects what is important to you and your family.

Mike and Kathy Dier have chosen to leave a gift to Lake George in their will through the LGA's Helen V. Froehlich Legacy Society. Read why!

The federal tax laws recognize that organizations like the LGA rely on generous private donations to continue our work. For this reason, the law permits a 100% charitable estate tax deduction when you make a bequest to the LGA in your will.

Sample Bequest Language:  When you discuss including the Lake George Association in your will or living trust, you should ask your attorney to include the following wording in your will so that the LGA will be remembered in the proper way:

Lake George Association     Tax ID Number: 14-6000565

“I give, devise, and bequeath to the Lake George Association (specific dollar amount, article, stock) OR (a fraction or percentage of the residue of my estate)."

  • For more information on charitable bequests, please be sure to contact your legal advisor.

  • A donation of appreciated securities or stock reaps big benefits...

Gifts of appreciated securities or stock can be one of the most advantageous ways of giving. If your gift of stock is one you have owned for more than one year, you may deduct the full fair market value of the stock as a charitable contribution, while bypassing all capital gains taxes.

When making a donation of stock, please have your tax advisor or attorney call Nancy Cobb-Zoll, Director of Membership Development, at the Lake George Association at 518-668-3558 for stock transfer account information.

Here are a few more ways you can give:

REAL ESTATE. Using real estate such as your house, farm, commercial property, vacation home, or investment property to fund a gift allows you to preserve your cash assets, receive significant tax and income advantages, and make a larger charitable gift than anticipated.

RETIREMENT PLANS. Using retirement plan assets — individual retirement accounts (IRAs), 401(k) plans, Keogh plans, and other retirement plan accounts — to fund a gift to the Lake George Association often can be a tax-wise financial decision. Retirement plan assets are distributed outside of probate and are entirely free from U.S. federal estate and income tax when given to a tax-exempt charity such as the LGA.

LIFE INSURANCE. When you first obtained your life insurance policies, you felt a need for them. But perhaps you don't need the same amount of coverage today. If you are considering a contribution, a gift of life insurance could be a sensible and generous course of action.

GIFT ANNUITIES. Establishing a charitable gift annuity or other life-income gift allows you to make a meaningful gift to us while creating permanent income for yourself and/or a loved one. They can provide the potential for increased life income for you and loved ones, tax benefits, and a means to support a favorite charitable organization or several different beneficiaries.

REMAINDER TRUSTS. Similar to an annuity, trusts provide a source of income, while also offering a remarkably versatile way to broaden your estate plan. They can provide the potential for increased life income for you and loved ones, tax benefits, and a means to support a favorite charitable organization or several different beneficiaries.

RETAINED LIFE ESTATE.  If you own property that is fully paid off and has appreciated in value, an outright gift may be the simplest solution. You can deduct the fair market value of your gift, avoid all capital gains taxes, and remove that asset from your taxable estate. You can also transfer the deed of your home or farm to the LGA today, and keep the right to use the property for your lifetime and that of your spouse.

LEAD TRUSTS. A charitable lead trust allows you to make a donation now while reducing the tax costs for your heirs in the future. Income generated by the trust supports the important work of the Lake George Association for a designated period of years, after which the assets pass to your heirs.

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