An INSPIRED LEGACY - Mike and Kathy Dier

When Mike Dier was five years old, he walked from his home in the village of Lake George to the Lake Avenue beach with his mom and brother. He could swim out as far as he wanted because there were no ropes, and a sand bar made the water shallow. His mom would lay out a wicker mat on the beach, and nearby a vendor sold soda and ice cream sandwiches.

Every summer, Mike’s family enjoyed a two-week camping trip on Long Island. He learned to swim and sail at the Lake George Club. And Mike’s grandfather was the doctor who followed alongside historic swimmer Diane Struble in August of 1958, when she became the first woman to swim the length of the lake.

These cherished memories have cemented a deep love for Lake George in Mike’s soul.

A few years ago Mike was humbled when he was asked to join the board of the LGA; today he is proud of the multiple services the LGA provides, and embraces the LGA’s balanced, non-threatening approach to conservation, an approach that fosters municipal and business partnerships.

The passion of his fellow board members has been infectious he says!

For all these reasons and more, Mike and Kathy have chosen to leave a gift to Lake George in their will through the LGA’s Helen V. Froehlich Legacy Society.

For more information on how you can do the same, please contact Nancy Cobb-Zoll at the LGA office.


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