GeorgieCorps: Lake George Volunteer Programs and Service Learning

Join the GeorgieCorps! We welcome people who would like to make a difference. You can help with in-the-dirt service projects -- like a stream clean-up, a lake-friendly landscaping project, or pulling out infestations of terrestrial invasive species.

Take part in one of our volunteer events listed below or sign up to get e-mail updates about upcoming GeorgieCorps Events.

See some photos from past volunteer events here!




2014 GeorgieCorps Events

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July 21

Invaders Watch:
Hydrilla Hunt Day

Be on the lookout for the invasive aquatic plant, Hydrilla. Learn more here.

July 19

Annual Adirondack Loon Census

Count loons on Lake George as part of an annual monitoring program. Learn more here.

August 7

Statewide Hydrilla Hunt Webinar

Join us for a group viewing at the LGA office of the statewide hydrilla hunt webinar to learn how to take part in the statewide Hydrilla Hunt.

August 7-17

Statewide Hydrilla Hunt

Take part in the statewide hydrilla hunt by surveying for this invasive species on Lake George. Learn more here.

August 8

Macroinvertebrate Bioblitz

Help determine water quality at the Lake George Recreation Center and Northwest Bay Brook by catching and identifying the macroinvertebrates that live in our waters.

Do you have a group interested in a volunteer service project? We may be able to coordinate with your group to schedule a project.

Stream Cleanups
Have you noticed a stream in the Lake George area that needs cleaning? Let us know and we can schedule a stream cleanup event.

Invasive Species Removal
Garlic mustard, wall lettuce, shrubby honeysuckle and other invasive species are located throughout the watershed and can be removed them from certain areas. Please let us know if you have a group interested in invasive species removal.



You can also:
- Help at the LGA office.
- Organize a trip for your friends on the Floating Classroom.
- Help maintain LGA grounds.
- Host a party to invite new members.
- Help with fundraising events.
-Participate in water quality and invasive species monitoring programs.
- Plant trees and shrubs for restoration projects.
- Share your knowledge and experience as a technical advisor or committee member.
- Research grant opportunities.

Contact us at 668-3558 or by e-mail for more information! 


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