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Wasn't last weekend GORGEOUS?
In this issue:

- NYS Senate Passes Invasives Species Bill
- FREE Goose Management Program This Saturday
- Public Floating Classroom Trips Begin in July
- Stewards Remove Eight Invasives
- Essex County Committee Approves $2,500 for Asian Clam Fight
- Rainbow Beach Assn. Establishes Own Launch Rules
- Warren County Invasives Law - Signs Go Up to Remind Public
- Summer Splash Gala - Almost Sold Out - Still Time to Donate/Sponsor
- Check out LGA's New Publications, and Videos

Senate Passes Invasives Species Bill Already Passed by Assembly - We have a new statewide law!
The NYS Senate gave final legislative approval yesterday to a bill (S.6826a) that would restrict the sale, possession and importation of invasive species. (The Assembly version of this bill was passed in April.)
The legislation would require the Department of Environmental Conservation, in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture and Markets, to restrict the sale, purchase, possession, introduction, importation and transport of invasive species. Working in consultation with the Invasive Species Council, the state agencies would develop regulations dealing with the disposal and control of invasives, including a list of prohibited species that would be illegal to knowingly possess with the intent to sell, import, purchase or transport.
  See full story here.
Free Goose Management  Program this Saturday
geesenearlawnThe Albany County Cornell Cooperate Extension and the New York State Wildlife Management Association will present a program on the Control of Nuisance Geese at William Rice Jr. Extension Center, 24 Martin Road, Voorheesville this Saturday, June 23, 9 am - noon.

The presentation will cover what property owners can do to minimize problems caused by nuisance geese and methods to legally discourage them from an area. Included will be information on the goose biology, the laws pertaining to the hazing of geese, and methods that have proven effective in changing their behavior. To register please contact Gale Kohler at 518-765-3579 or via email. For further information, contact either Chuck Schmitt, Cornell Cooperative Extension Albany County 518-765-3513 or Cody Baciuska 607-760-8748.

Every summer, the LGA receives many calls from homeowners struggling with geese on their properties.  Geese can be a real nuisance for property owners who don’t want a shoreline covered in goose poop. A nice lawn right down to the Lake edge is like paradise for a Canada Goose: tender, just-mowed grass to munch on, and a cool relaxing dip only a wing’s beat away! A great way to prevent this problem is to plant a vegetative buffer along your shoreline.
Public Floating Classroom Trips Begin in July - THREE new trips on Fridays
Floating Classroom using plankton netsMake your reservation now for a trip this summer out on the LGA's Floating Classroom.

Two-hour trips leave Shepard Park on Wednesdays in July and August at 10 am or 1 pm.  We’ve also added THREE NEW FRIDAY 10 am programs - two leaving from Bolton Landing's Rogers Memorial Park, and one from Hague Town Park. Make your reservations online or give us a call at 518-668-3558.

This hands-on aquatic adventure will teach you more about the fascinating geologic history of Lake George, its ecosystem, and how to protect its water quality.

LGA Stewards Find Eight Invasives
LakeStewardMossyPointSaveMay252012So far this season, through June 3, LGA lake stewards have inspected 652 boats. Beginning May 25, the stewards were on duty at four high traffic launches: Norowal Marina, Hague Town Launch, Mossy Point, and Rogers Rock.

Of 13 samples removed from boats, eight contained at least one invasive species. Six contained Eurasian watermilfoil, three contained curly-leaf pondweed, one contained water chestnut, and one contained zebra mussel.

On their first day on duty, lake stewards Sabina Sullivan (left) and Brandon Bezio (right) removed two invasive species, curly-leaf pondweed and Eurasian watermilfoil, from a single boat launching at Mossy Point.

The Lake Steward Program provides invasive species education and spread prevention on Lake George.  Nine lake stewards for Lake George have been hired by the Lake George Association, and were recently trained at Paul Smith’s College. 

Essex County Committee Approves  $2,500 for Asian Clam Fight
AsianClamjune2012BoonBayThe LGA wishes to thank the Essex County Board of Supervisors Economic Development Committee for approving a 2012 contribution of $2,500 to help fight the Asian Clam on Lake George, the same amount that was contributed by Essex County last year.  LGA Executive Director Walt Lender asked for the donation earlier this month.

The estimated cost to fight the Asian clam this year is $800,000. Warren County is contributing $100,000; the remainder will come from municipalities, grants, and individual contributions.

Asian clam infestations can be as dense as 6,000 per square yard, and because they prefer shallow sandy areas, they can infest swimming areas; their shells create a sharp, unpleasant bottom surface, and their excrement feeds algae blooms.

Over 1,000 mats have been installed this spring. Unfortunately, spring surveys showed that the size of the infestations at Boon Bay and Lake George Village were larger than expected. Mat installation is taking longer and costing much more than originally planned. Mat installation has been extended into June for some areas in deeper water at these sites, with mat maintenance by dive teams and monitoring of DO levels under the mats by scientists is ongoing. 

Last fall's treatment at Norowal Marina was effective, so only a small number of mats were installed there in May.  They need to be there for a few more weeks.

The first batch of mats installed in Boon Bay along beaches have reached their 45-day treatment period and are being removed.  These mats will be cleaned and re-processed and then re-used in other areas further out in the bay that need treatment. 

Rainbow Beach Association Adopts Boat Launching Restrictions

RainbowBeachBolton Landing’s Rainbow Beach Association voted at their May membership meeting to adopt their own boat launching restrictions to combat invasive species.

They are one of the first homeowner associations on the Lake to do so, and we hope others will follow suit.

Rainbow Beach members may launch boats at the beach’s launch without inspection only if the boats have been used exclusively in Lake George. If boats visit waters other than Lake George, owners must provide information on how the boat and trailer have been inspected and cleaned, prior to launch. Non-members, guests, and renters will not be permitted to launch.

Last summer, Walt Lender, LGA executive director, and Emily DeBolt, LGA director of education, gave a presentation to Rainbow Beach Association about a variety of Lake-related topics, including what was happening just around the corner with Asian clam in Boon Bay. The idea came up that the Rainbow Beach launch ramp was located where invasive species could be inadvertently introduced into the Lake. Over the winter, Rainbow Beach members talked about what they could do to help. Emily worked with Susan Wilson, a long-time CSLAP volunteer and a member of Rainbow Beach Association, to provide educational materials about preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species. Rainbow Beach then decided to take it one step further this spring by adopting launching restrictions. 
“Rainbow Beach Association is deeply committed to the protection and preservation of Lake George,” said John Petersen, a board member of Rainbow Beach Association, and member of the LGA. “We are committed to doing what we can to combat the problem.”

Signs Remind Travelers of New Warren County Invasive Species Transport Law
warrencosignpeoplecolorWarren County started posting new signs this week to remind the public about the new county invasive species transport law.

Violators can be fined as much as $5,000 and sentenced to as many as fifteen days in jail. 

The county law, a first of its kind for New York State, makes the introduction and transport of aquatic invasive species into any Warren County waterbody illegal. People can transport aquatic invasives into the county on a boat, trailer, personal watercraft, in an aquarium, on fishing equipment or in a bait bucket.  If a person transports aquatic invasive species on a public road, releases invasives into a stream, pond or lake, or launches an infested boat, they are violating the law.

LGA Director of Education Emily DeBolt, Warren County Board of Supervisors Chairman Dan Stec, Lake George Supervisor Dennis Dickinson, LGA Executive Director Walt Lender, and Beth Gilles of the Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board (pictured left to right) stand with the new Warren County sign. Designed by the LGA and LCLGRPB, the sign will be posted around the county to remind travelers about the new Warren County law.
 Summer Splash Gala - Check out the auction. Not too late to donate!
Gala2012SonomaResortThe LGA's Summer Splash Gala has the BEST attendees any event could ever hope for.

Curious about what's already up for auction this year?  (We have been told our AUCTION is the best auction around.)  Check out just a few of the great items here, including the Sonoma VIP Wine Experience, featuring a chauffeur, winery tours, a three-night stay at the The Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa (pictured here), daily breakfast for two, and airfare for two.

It's not too late to donate an item or service for the auction. It's a wonderful way to both help the Lake AND get your name out in front of lots of great people who love and care about the Lake.
CHECK out these NEW publications and videos!
ProtectLakeGeorgeButtonclean drain dry flyer for web-1 2CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY... Please spread the word about this new campaign on a new website designed for boaters visiting Lake George.  Please help us distribute the STOP AQUATIC HITCHHIKERS flyer

All boaters are urged to follow a “CLEAN, DRAIN & DRY” practice prior to launch, advocated by the LGA, local marina owners, the Eastern New York Marine Trades Association, the Lake George Park Commission, the Darrin Fresh Water Institute, and the Fund for Lake George. The new 2-page informational flyer produced by the LGA, entitled Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers, is available for download from the LGA’s website, and it is our hope that area hotels, marinas, and other tourist destinations will help us distribute it.

Homeowners Guide to Lake-friendly Living (Download a copy here, or pick one up at the office.  We'd also be happy to mail one to you.)

Mandy'sVideoSustainable Sundays Video Series. This past June 2 the LGA hosted its 2nd Annual Lake-friendly Open House, featuring local landscapers and experts providing services and products that are good for the environment and for water quality. This short two-minute interview with one of the exhibitors -- Mandy's Spring Farm Nursery -- features information about Gravel-Loc -- a permeable driveway and walkway solution, and native sumac. This video is the first in an LGA series called Sustainable Sundays -- we will be posting throughout the summer. Each video will include an interview with one of the Open House exhibitors.

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