Lake George Turtle Monitoring Project

The Lake George Turtle Monitoring Project was conducted from 2007 to 2010. The goal of the program was to gain a better understanding of turtle populations within the Lake George Watershed. The collected data will help determine turtle population size and distribution, as well as provide insight into turtle movement patterns and habitat use. This information will help state wildlife managers take effective conservation action to ensure continued biodiversity.

Over 75 volunteers were trained as "certified turtle monitors." The program was coordinated with the Endangered Species Unit of the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation and an independent field biologist, Karen Robbins, who has been researching map turtles on Lake George for many years.

While in the field collecting data, volunteers use a pocket field guide to turtles of the Lake George watershed. You can download a copy of the Field Guide here to help you identify the turtles you see in Lake George


Lake George Turtle Monitoring Project Data and Reports
2007 Data 2008 Data 2009 Data 2010 Data
2007-2008 Turtle Monitoring Report
A photo by Joe Harrigan, LGTMP turtle monitor        


Currently, we are not collecting data for this program. However, we would still love to hear about your turtle sightings. Feel free to send us photos of the turtles you saw and information as to where on Lake George they were spotted.

Check out our Invaders Watch program to find out how you can help monitor for other animals and plants on Lake George.


Painted turtle
Photo by Sue Pierce

Map Turtle
Photo by Martha Van Vleet

Snapping turtle
Photo by Bob and Jen Metivier



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