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LGA's Educational Programs:

Address the environmental issues that affect Lake George and its watershed

Empower and motivate students to become environmental stewards and to make a difference in their communities

The LGA's educational programs aim to actively engage and motivate audiences of all ages in lake awareness and stewardship and can be custom designed to meet the needs of all students, youth groups, adult learners and others.

Outreach programs, field trips, presentations and activities are provided for schools, clubs, scouting groups, tourists, municipal leaders, homeowners associations, and others.  The LGA participates in events such as Warren County Environmental field days and Envirothon and is available to bring Lake George activities to your event.

The LGA's environmental education programs are free to those within the Lake George watershed, and are supported by LGA members, grants and contributors. A small fee may be charged to schools or groups located outside of the Lake George watershed.


Have a topic that you are teaching that you would like us to create a program for or have a group or event that would be interesting in learning more about Lake George? Contact us and let us know! We can create and conduct activities and programs for any of your water related topics.

Common program topics include:

  • What is a watershed
  • Invasive species
  • Food webs
  • Stream health
  • Stormwater
  • Lake-friendly living

For more information about our education programs, please see the links to other pages on to the left sidebar or e-mail Kristen Wilde, Director of Education.



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