Lake Steward Program Season Summary for 2012


2012 Boats Inspected
Number of Boats
Dunham's Bay
Hague Town Launch
Mossy Point
Norowal Marina
Rogers Rock

In 2012, lake stewards were posted at five launches around Lake George: Dunham's Bay, Norowal Marina, Hague Town Launch, Rogers Rock, and Mossy Point. Lake stewards recorded 6,972 boats during the 2012 season.


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Where are Boats Coming From?












Lake stewards asked boaters what was the most recent body of water their boat had been in within the last two weeks. The response was 155 unique waterbodies located in 13 different states throughout the United States and and 2 Provinces in Canada. Lake George itself was the most common previously visited waterbody with 3,282 visits within two weeks prior to launching. Lake Champlain was the second most common response for a previous waterbody with 96 responses.

Boaters most frequently had visited waterbodies located in New York State prior to launching in Lake George. A total of 3,704 boaters responded with a waterbody in New York State that they had been in the past two weeks. Some of those boats had last been in Lake George. Boaters also commonly responded with waterbodies in New Jersey, which had 88 boaters previously visit a waterbody located there.

Invasive Species Found

Lake stewards would request to take a visual inspection of boats and trailers. If an aquatic species was found, the lake steward would remove it and bag it for identification. A single boat could have had more than one plant or animal species removed which resulted in a different number of total samples then number of boats with samples. For all five of the launched combined, a total of 272 samples were removed from 189 boats or trailers. Prior to launching, 185 samples were removed and after retrieval 87 samples were removed from boats. Out of the 272 samples, 131 were identified as an invasive species, making 48 percent of all samples removed invasive. There were six species identified that are considered an invasive species: Eurasian watermilfoil, curly-leaf pondweed, water chestnut, zebra mussels, quagga mussels, and spiny water flea.

Spread Prevention Measures

Boaters were asked by the lake stewards what measures they take to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. Spread prevention measures include but are not limited to washing the boat, draining the bilge, and inspecting the boat for plants and animals. The lake steward does not list possible spread prevention measures in order to elicit a response from the boater. Lake stewards recorded 63 percent of boaters that reported taking one or more spread prevention measures. The most common spread prevention measure that 3,466 boaters reported taking was washing their boat, followed by 849 boaters who reported visually inspecting their boats.


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