Lake Saving Projects

Current & Recent Projects

- Supplemental EIS INFO Page
- English Brook Watershed
- Fairy Brook
- Finkle Brook Delta
- Foster Brook Delta
- Hague Brook Delta
- Indian Brook Watershed
- Lake George Highway Dept.
- Mossy Point Boat Launch
- Putnam Stormwater Planning
- Ticonderoga Beach Pavilion
- West Brook Conservation Initiative

Types of Projects
Stormwater Management
Stream Corridor Management
Shoreline Restoration & Delta Reduction
Reservoir & Sediment Basins
Beach Erosion Control

Project Partners
Recent Projects Map
Reports & Documents

Since 2000, the LGA has funded and coordinated over 70 lake saving projects to solve pollution and stormwater runoff problems throughout the watershed. Our project map shows where a sampling of projects worked on through 2010.

The LGA collaborates with many project partners, including state and local government, property owners, homeowner associations, citizen groups and individuals. Our project partners not only help us solve the problems, they help us identify potential project locations. 

Projects include:

  • Stormwater management (catch basins, dry wells and sediment basins);
  • Stream corridor management;
  • Shoreline restoration and delta reduction;
  • Stormwater maintenance;
  • Beach erosion control; and
  • Wetland enhancement. 

Each project can involve many steps, including: identifying the problem, assessing the findings, securing funding, completing analysis, planning or designing solutions, completing permit applications, and implementing the solution.

The LGA’s Geographic Information System (GIS) provides comprehensive mapping capabilities to support LGA projects, as well as to meet the needs of area agencies and municipalities.

Each year, grants are secured from private foundations and public sources to fund these projects.

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