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The Lake George Watershed
Stormwater Runoff

Water Quality
Winter Road Salt

Landscaping & Lawn Care
Fertilizers & Lawn Care
Landscaping with Natives

Rain Gardens
Shoreline Buffers

Around your Home & Property
Septic Systems
Don't Flush Your Drugs
Hazardous Household Products
Permeable Pavement
Rain Barrels
Water Conservation

Be Inspired:
Tour the LGA Office & Grounds.  See its environmentally friendly features

Healthy Lake Demonstration Projects

LGA members who LIVE Lake-friendly: A photo gallery

Trade In & Green Up Today!
Join Us Friday May 30, 2014 3-7 pm at the LGA

Dig Up an unruly invasive plant from your yard... And replace it with a FREE Lake George-loving native plant! For event details, click here or contact the LGA at or 518-668-3558.

Be sure to check out our recent publication,
"A Homeowner's Guide to Lake-Friendly Living".

To learn more about actions you can take to have a more lake-friendly home and property, explore the links on the left. If you have any questions or want to learn more, contact the LGA at or 518-668-3558.

Lake-friendly living isn't just for those who live along the lake shore. Everyone in the watershed is making decisions on a daily basis that can affect the water quality of the lake. From deciding whether or not to fertilize your lawn, pave your driveway, or what new dishwasher to buy, there are many different ways to live lake-friendly. Living lake-friendly isn't about giving up anything - it is about finding out what works for you. It is about educating yourself so that your decisions and actions will help protect Lake George for years to come.




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