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Lake-friendly living isn't just for those who live on the shores of Lake George, because water comes to the Lake from the hillsides all around it. Everyone in the watershed is making daily decisions that can affect the Lake's water quality. Living lake-friendly isn't about giving up anything - it is about finding out what works for you. From deciding whether or not to fertilize your lawn, how to pave your driveway with permeable pavement, or what new dishwasher to buy, there are many different ways to live lake-friendly. Lake-friendly living is about educating yourself so that your decisions and actions help protect Lake George for decades to come.


Click the image at left to download the Lake George Association's
"Homeowner's Guide to Lake-Friendly Living".

Please also use the links at the left to explore what you can do at home to have a more lake-friendly property -- without giving up anything in the process. Most projects are easily planned and completed.


If we can give you ideas for your project or give you more information, please call us at 518-668-3558 or email the Lake George Association at




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