What is the Lake George Association?

Since 1885, the Lake George Association (LGA) has been the leading citizen group advocating a reasoned approach to management of the Lake George watershed to ensure long-term stability of water quality and of the watershed's environmental and economic viability.

The oldest lake association in the nation, LGA provides an influential voice for more than 5,000 caretakers of Lake George and an action-based program to conserve the region's remarkable natural resources and to protect its pristine beauty. LGA's full-time staff specializing in Communications, Education, Geographic Information Systems, Land Use Management, Nuisance Species Control, Project Management and Water Quality, is working hard today to protect tomorrow.

LGA has broad-based support of over 5,000 members - year-round and seasonal residents, members of the business community and local governments, plus others who enjoy the area's plentiful opportunities for outdoor recreation. Its mission is one of advocacy, education and broad-based community involvement.

Lake George is a unique resource, one most worthy of conservation. The lake's watershed provides unparalleled residential, economic, recreational and environmental opportunities. Its beauty and water quality well serve the Adirondack tourism economy, bringing millions of dollars into the area each year.

It is a privilege as well as a responsibility to live, work and play in the Lake George Basin. Step inside to check out all the exciting projects and programs the LGA is working on.

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