"Protecting Our Water. Educating for the Future."

The Lake George Association advises and educates people about
how they can help keep Lake George water clean for the future, and
we perform critical in-the-ground projects that stop the degradation
of Lake George’s water quality.

In the last ten years, the LGA has invested nearly $8 million in projects to keep Lake George clean.

Our popular educational programs and critical in-the-ground projects are designed to ensure long-term stability of water quality and of the watershed's environmental and economic viability, and we advocate a reasoned approach to conservation and development.

LGA members are year-round and seasonal residents, members of the business community and local governments, and visitors who enjoy outdoor recreation in the region.

Lake George is a unique resource, one that we are proud to have protected for more than a century. The lake's watershed provides unparalleled residential, economic, recreational and environmental opportunities. Its beauty and water quality are major draws for the regional and Adirondack tourism economies, bringing millions of dollars into the area each year.

LGA staff and board members know that our work to protect Lake George is critical for its survival. Our work also reflects the love our members feel for Lake George – and reflects the knowledge that for many families, Lake George is where they feel most at home no matter what their permanent address is.

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