We applaud LGPC’s new septic system inspection program! Here’s what property owners need to know.

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Lake George has never needed you more — at your home, your business or on the Lake.
Become a Lake Protector now and help us tackle unprecedented and intensifying threats.

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Through your direct participation and the LGA’s world-class science, advocacy, and education programs, we’ll succeed in making Lake George a global model for freshwater protection.

Harmful Algal Blooms and the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid invasive species threaten to permanently degrade Lake George.

We simply cannot allow these threats to take away all we love about Lake George, and all the economic benefits the Lake brings to our region. It’s time for all of us to act.

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It will be the most important step you can take to protect our Lake.

The Future of Lake Protection is in Our Hands.

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The protective actions we are asking you to take on behalf of Lake George are based on world-leading freshwater science and research conducted by the Lake George Waterkeeper and the Jefferson Project, our uniquely powerful partnership with IBM and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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Latest News

  • May 23, 2023

    Meet the new generation of Lake Protector™ leadership

    MAY 18, 2023—It was a high-energy, deep-commitment evening at The Inn of Lake George. The LGA’s first gathering of next-generation professionals in support of protecting Lake George surfaced strong connection to and sense of responsibility for the Lake. 

  • May 16, 2023

    New LGA Lake Protector™ App Empowers Everyone to Protect Lake George

    The Lake George Association (LGA) is excited to announce the launch of a web app that provides residential and commercial property owners across the Lake’s watershed with a detailed evaluation of how their property’s physical characteristics may be impacting Lake George. Accompanying the analysis is a personalized, science-based recommendations people can implement to protect water quality.

Upcoming Events

  • 2023 Invasive Species Awareness Week Guided Walk

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    Protecting our land and Lake is a walk in the woods. Join us on Friday, June 9 at 10 am, for an exploratory stroll along the Warren County Bike Trail in Lake George. Throughout the walk – which is part of New York’s annual Invasive Species Awareness Week — guides will show you how to spot invasives and report your findings to iMapInvasives.

  • Inaugural Lake Protector Summit

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    Our Lake – Our Future. All residents, businesses, and property owners in the Lake George basin are invited to join the LGA and an invited group of scientists, landscapers, excavators, banks, realtors, and experts on the economics of protecting water quality as we focus on the actions we must take to protect our Lake, together.