We protect Lake George, together.

Crystal clear Lake George water
This. This is what we Protect — the crystal-clear water of Lake George. Saving Lake George from harm is why we exist.

Our members strengthen our resolve.

Our members support the LGA’s efforts to Protect Lake George Water.

Our members have a voice in what happens in the entire Lake George watershed.

Member Support Pays For Our Water Quality Protection Projects And Programs.

Generations of visitors and residents have trusted us to keep Lake George clean. How about you?

The Lake George Association cannot survive without strong support from our community who share the same vision:

  • Protect The Water
  • Educate For The Future

We invite you to join us – because your membership dues are turned into projects that protect the water and programs that educate the public about their part in keeping the Lake’s water clean.

If you prefer to make a donation by mail, please send it to: Lake George Association, PO Box 408, Lake George, NY 12845.

Please note: Our Office Manager, Dannica Campbell, can take credit card payments by phone at (518) 668-3558 if you prefer.


Lake George Association

Lake George Association