Education Programs

LGA educator exploring the watershed model with kids in school program

The Lake George Association’s education programs teach students and the public about the Lake George watershed, water quality, and ecology.

Bring your students or family on field trips to the lake or let us come to your school with structured classroom lessons and activities that meet established science curriculums.

Or take advantage of other lesson plans and resources available to you, including our annual Lake George Bookmark Design Contest, which has been updated for the 2021 school year!

Check out our Science From Your Sofa educational video series here.

Field Trips

The LGA’s field trips and outdoor education programs align with the New York State Core Curriculum and deliver an outdoor, hands-on learning experience for your students.

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All the money raised by the Lake George Association goes to projects and programs that benefit the Lake and the watershed, protecting Lake George water quality now and in the future.
Lake George Association

Lake George Association