Students Learn Lake George Science

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Students gathered around a tabletop model of a watershed in a Lake George Education Program.
Students follow the path of pollutants traveling through the watershed during an LGA Pollution Sourcing program.

Pollution Sourcing (9-12)*

Utilizing our watershed model, students will investigate sources of pollution and watch what happens when polluted water gets into a waterbody. They will discover how different activities on land can have both positive and negative effects on water quality. By having the chance to “develop” their own property, students will learn the outcome of cumulative pollution in the watershed.

Alien Invaders (9-12)*

Invasive species are one of the biggest threats to a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Students will learn what makes a species “invasive” and how both aquatic and terrestrial invasive species can impact water quality. They will get a close look at invasive species found in Lake George and invasive species that are not yet here but could be on their way.

Human Environmental Impact

Many of the issues facing the Lake George Watershed are caused by humans. Students participating in this education program will see examples of what types of issues are currently facing Lake George, like invasive species and stormwater run-off, then discuss what organizations in the community are currently doing about them.

*These education programs have been adapted from the 5th-8th-grade guide to meet high school level standards.

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