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Water We Use

Water is important to all living things. Students will act out different ways humans use water, from washing hands to the food we eat, and discuss how important clean water is to all living things. Exploring with a watershed model, students will see how water moves across the land, mountains, valleys and roads. They will also see where the water in Lake George comes from.

Students participate in a Lake George kids educational program.
Students at Putnam Central School show off fish they created during their LGA “Fishin’ for Additions” program

Fishin’ For Additions

Make connections between a changing environment and the fish that live in it. Students will learn what fish need for a healthy habitat and how species have adapted over time to survive. After uncovering different fish adaptations, students will have a chance to choose their own adaptations in order to design a unique fish and its habitat.

Ecosystem Energy

Learning about aquatic food webs and life in the water, students will make the connection between finding food and the importance of a healthy environment. Along the way they will meet many of the different animals living in the waters of Lake George and its streams. They will investigate what happens to the balance of a food web if one or more of the producers or consumers are taken away.

Keeping Water Clean

Using a watershed model to discover the movement of pollution, students will follow along with a story to learn how pollution may get into the water we use and what they can do to help.

Stormy Water Detectives

There has been a large fish kill in Lake George! Students will become “Stormy Water Detectives” to determine what source of pollution has caused the fish to turn belly up in the Lake. We will discuss the different areas of water pollution and the pathways of stormwater run-off. Students will then learn and use basic water testing techniques on a sample of “Lake” water to uncover the pollution source.

Wild About Wetlands

Explore the role wetlands play in an environment. Discover the importance of wetlands to plants, animals and humans. Connect the use of wetlands as filters for the environment.

Students wear turtle shell costumes during a custom kids educational program.
Students in turtle shells created as part of a custom program

Have a topic that you are teaching that you would like us to create a kids educational program for? Contact us and let us know! We can create activities and in-school programs for any of your water related topics.

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