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2019 Design Contest: Deadline April 29, 2019

The design contest is open to students in Grades 4-7 from schools located within the Lake George watershed.

The 2019 theme is “The Year of the Salmon.”

Download the 2019 Bookmark Contest Entry Form here.

This year is the International Year of the Salmon, a global project launched by the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization to protect different species of salmon in the Northern Hemisphere.

atlantic salmonAtlantic Landlocked Salmon live in Lake George and the surrounding streams. They are stocked annually by the New York State Department of Conservation and through the LGA’s Salmon in the Classroom program.

Environmental changes and human impacts, such as stormwater, can have major implications on salmon populations. Stormwater runoff is one of the biggest threats to Lake George water quality and its ecosystem. Rainwater running off parking lots, roads, roofs, and cars can carry harmful pollutants to our streams and Lake. This directly affects species living in the water, including salmon. We encourage students to explore the ideas of the salmon life cycle, fish habitats, healthy fish, stormwater threats, etc. when designing their bookmark.

About the Contest

The Lake George Bookmark Design Contest engages Lake George area students in grades 4-7 in an arts contest to develop and promote a lake-saving message.

Each year, the winning entry is printed on a bookmark along with the student’s name and school. The bookmarks are professionally printed and widely distributed to area schools, libraries, and other locations. The student is also recognized at a ceremony at the home school. In addition, a news release announcing the winner is distributed.

A limited number of bookmarks are still available from previous year’s at the LGA. Contact us if you would like a supply for your school or library.

Previous Winners

2017 Lake George Bookmark Winner "Make It GREEN to keep Lake George Clean"

 "keep us clean we live downstream" 2016 design contest winner

 "when it rains it drains" 2015 Lake George design contest winner

"don't litter save the critter" 2013 Lake George design contest winner.

"we are the future, make the right choices, keep our lake clean" 2012 Lake George design contest winner

winning bookmark of the 2011 Lake George design contest

"leap into action, don't pollute" 2010 winning Lake George bookmark design



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