Interactive Lesson Plans Make Lake George Science Fun

History of a Stream

Students research a stream and become tour guides. This activity combines both history and science to learn how the stream may have been affected by history over time, and how humans may be impacting the stream now. Maps for this activity can be obtained at the LGA, and the local history museum may have some old maps so students can see the changes of the stream over time.

Balancing Act

The Balancing Act is designed to teach students that the needs of man and nature often need to be balanced. It’s easy for everybody to be in favor of protecting the environment in theory, but in reality, that’s often difficult to achieve. Students will be assigned to different groups to debate a development taking place on Lake George’s Long Island. The setting is a planning board meeting. This lesson will help students become more aware of the real issues their towns face on a regular basis, and how compromise is often a big part of development.

Eutrophication: The Aging of a Lake

Students will learn about eutrophication and algal growth from experiments they do in the classroom.

Last of the Mohicans

Take a look at this classic novel. Students will compare and contrast Lake George then and Lake George now.

What Determines Water Quality?

Students will have a better understanding of pH as a water quality parameter. Students will also begin to think about what makes a body of water healthy. This lesson can be used as an introduction to other water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen.

Don’t see the Lake George lesson plan you’re looking for? Contact us. Our educators can provide you with different activities on a variety of Lake George topics.

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