The LGA Floating Classroom - hands-on aquatic learning for all ages

The Floating Classroom is an interactive program, where participants perform experiments and Lake George Association staff discuss Lake George history, its formation and ecology, as well as the Lake’s water quality and how to protect it.

From earthquakes and glaciers to stormwater and invasive species, come aboard the LGA’s Floating Classroom, the Rosalia Anna Ashby,  to learn all about Lake George and how to keep the Lake’s water clean and clear.

Onboard, you’ll enjoy a hands-on adventure and learn all about Lake George water quality.  You will find out what makes Lake George unique.

You’ll measure water clarity, catch zooplankton, and investigate other water quality parameters.

You’ll find out if Lake George is healthy, and what you can do to help keep it that way.

SUMMER PUBLIC RESERVATIONS: Click Here To Make Your Reservation! Programs are held weekly in July and August.

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All ages are welcome however we do not recommend the program for those younger than 8 or 9.


Life jackets are provided– and everyone under 18 is required to wear one. There is also an emergency restroom on board.

COVID Protocols:

  • Boat capacity is limited to 20 passengers.
  • All participants must wear face masks and provide their own.
  • Participants should take their temperature before leaving for the program. If a participant’s temperature reads 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, they will be disallowed from participation in the program.
  • Each group will be seated 6 feet from another group during public programs. Please note that you may not be 6 feet from the boat captain, crew, and staff, so face masks are required for the entire duration of the program.
  • Upon entry to the program, participants will complete a brief COVID-19 assessment. Passengers who screen positive for contact with a COVID-19 case, have tested positive for COVID-19, or who have COVID-19 symptoms shall be denied admission on the vessel.
  • Participants will use hand sanitizer at boat entry and throughout the program, as needed.

The Floating Classroom is made possible by long-time LGA members and ardent lake stewards Bruce and Mary Ashby, with the generous support of many other grants and donors.

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All the money raised by the Lake George Association goes to projects and programs that benefit the Lake and the watershed, protecting Lake George water quality now and in the future.
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