LGA Science Videos Explore Lake George Topics

“Science From Your Sofa” is a monthly video series developed, filmed and produced by LGA staff that briefly touches on Lake George water quality topics in an engaging way. New videos are uploaded to the LGA’s YouTube Channel and here on the LGA website on the third Thursday of each month.

Have a topic or questions you would like to see included in the series? Contact us and let us know!

Coming soon: Each topic will have a hands-on activity to conduct in the classroom. Material kits for the activities will also be available.

Water Clarity

  • Why do we care about water clarity? How do we test it? What is the water clarity of Lake George? How can I help keep Lake George clear?

Food Webs of Lake George

  • What Starts The Food Web in Lake George? What are some of the aquatic plants of Lake George? What are some of the smallest animals of Lake George? Are zooplankton important to Lake George? What kind of fish live in Lake George? What is the two-story fishery in Lake George? What else lives in Lake George besides fish?

Invasive Species

  • What is an invasive species? How many invasive species are in Lake George? What does Eurasian watermilfoil look like? What is the difference between a native mussel and an Asian clam? Where in the Lake are invasive species located? What can you do to prevent the spread of invasive species?

Polluted Stormwater

  • What is polluted stormwater? What does it look like on land? What is the difference between an impervious surface and a pervious surface? How does polluted stormwater have a negative effect on Lake George? How does polluted stormwater get into the Lake? How can you prevent polluted stormwater from getting into Lake George?

Protecting Lake George

  • Why do we want to protect Lake George? What do you mean when you say “Lake George is drinking water?” What else does the Class AA-Special rating tell us? Isn’t Lake George considered an impaired waterbody? What do we want to protect Lake George from?


  • Why is stream health important to Lake George water quality? What is an aquatic macroinvertebrate? Is it a bug? Do these animals — bugs — spend their whole life in the stream? So how can bugs tell us whether or not we have a clean, healthy stream? What macroinvertebrates are considered pollution-sensitive? Where in the streams do you find these pollution-sensitive bugs? How do you catch these macroinvertebrates? And give a look at what you could find in a stream around Lake George.

Beginning of the Salmon Life Cycle in Lake George

  • Are there salmon in Lake George? Are salmon a warn water fish or a cold water fish? How does the salmon life cycle start? What is the next stage of the salmon life cycle? What are the environmental needs of the salmon eggs and salmon alevin? Is stream health important to salmon? What threats to salmon alevin are there in the streams?

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