Investigating Harmful Algal Bloom On LG: What We Are Doing, What You Can Do

The Harmful Algal Bloom on Lake George has been identified now in Harris Bay, Sandy Bay and Warner Bay — and in the water in the Village of Lake George.

The Harmful Algal Bloom that appeared on Lake George on Saturday, Nov. 7.

This is a serious problem. We have serious work ahead.

The Harmful Algal Bloom (shown here as it was discovered on Saturday) was only identified because of an alert LGA member, who knew that something wasn’t right and reported it to the Lake George Association. DEC’s explanation of what a Harmful Algal Bloom is can be found here:

The follow-up and initial identification was all done by the LGA’s Kristen Wilde, whose family has lived on the Lake for generations.

The LGA sounded the alarm, and marshaled the resources needed to investigate the bloom quickly.

Here’s what else the LGA is doing for our Lake:

  • Collecting water samples in affected areas.
  • Having water samples tested to identify the cyanobacteria and potential level of toxin. We will report out when we know more.
  • Investigating the spread – we have staff in the field throughout the day to learn all we can about this particular outbreak.
  • Keeping partners (including the state) apprised of our work, and the investigation.
  • Sharing correct, truthful information.
  • Revising our Action Plan for the next few days, next few weeks – and what we need to specifically do in the coming months and year.

Kristen Wilde, Director of Education for the Lake George Association, takes a water sample of the active harmful algal bloom, seen at the bottom of the photo as streaks in the water.

We need your help to prevent future outbreaks. Here’s what you can do now:

We’ve all got to act now if we want to protect the water quality of our Lake.

If you see changes in the water around your property, please take a photo and note the location and send it to: [email protected].

Nothing substitutes for being alert,
or for having enough boots on the ground
to get the job done. And it helps the LGA to have
more than 2,000 sets of eyes out in the community
helping to watch over the Lake.

We need to enlist everyone around the watershed
in this new army to stop the nutrients — it’s all part of
the LGA’s mission of direct, active water quality protection.

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