Keeping LG Clean, One Boat At A Time

The Lake George Park Commission released its 2019 Lake George Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program Report this afternoon. We were pleased to be a financial partner (we paid $30,000 to the Lake George Park Commission in 2019 to help cover the costs of the boat inspection program).

“We thank the Lake George Park Commission for their work protecting Lake George, and the Governor’s office and our partners for joining with the Lake George Association to pay for this important program to protect Lake George’s water,” said Walt Lender, LGA Executive Director.

“Lake George is fortunate to have a responsible, proactive state agency enforcing laws to protect our water quality,” Lender said. “But boats with invasives are still coming to Lake George. And that is a concern.”

“More than 1,400 boats a season need to be decontaminated, which means the message about the dangers of invasive species is not reaching all boaters. As advocates and people who care about the Lake, we all need to continue our vigilance with regard to the introduction of invasive species, and continue working with boaters and boating organizations to make them aware of the dangers of transporting invasive species.”

The Lake George Association is continuing to advocate for the state to renew and strengthen the Invasive Species Transport Law that provides education, outreach, and ensures that the message gets through to all residents and visitors about invasive species dangers. We are working to reduce the number of boat inspections that will be needed next year through broader education and outreach programs.

Additionally, the Lake George Association is continuing to pay to protect Lake George boat launches in Gull Bay and Hague thanks to a state grant.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced in June that the Lake George Association has been awarded $78,575 through the state Department of Environmental Conservation to provide funding for aquatic invasive species stewards at the Hague Town Boat Launch and the Gull Bay Public Beach and Boat Launch in Putnam. The grant is funded by the state’s Environmental Protection Fund.

The Lake George Park Commission’s Mandatory Boat Inspection Program does not include inspectors at municipal launches.

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All the money raised by the Lake George Association goes to projects and programs that benefit the Lake and the watershed, protecting Lake George water quality now and in the future.
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