Lake George Village Receiving $9.4 Million from New York for Wastewater Treatment Plant Replacement

“On behalf of the 2,000+ members of the Lake George Association, we want to thank Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York State for providing more than $9 million in funding for the Lake George Waste Water Treatment Plant,” said Walt Lender, Executive Director of the Lake George Association.

“Congratulations to Mayor Blais for the award and for his constant efforts to protect Lake George water quality from harm.”

“The reconstruction of the Lake George Wastewater Treatment Plant is under way, and this $9 million on top of the grants already awarded will make the construction costs manageable for the taxpayers in the Village of Lake George and Town of Lake George who are served by the plant.”

“Most importantly, it will protect Lake George for the long term — and will protect it now.”

“The new plant will stop unwanted nitrates from entering the Lake, and will better handle the wastewater generated by tens of thousands of visitors each year.”

The Lake George Association has been advocating with state leaders for a number of years for state assistance on this much needed infrastructure project. We are pleased to have played a small part in the outreach ahead of this grant announcement.

Governor Cuomo announced Sunday as the 25th proposal of his State of the State for 2020 the grant of more than $9 million to the village of Lake George to help protect the Lake’s water quality. (Click here to see the press release.) The proposal will keep the tax load low on the 980 taxpayers who have to pay for the treatment plant that serves up to 30,000 visitors a day in the summer.

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Lake George Association

Lake George Association