LGA Gala Raises $157,000 To Protect Lake George

People from around the Lake gather for fun and an important cause

The support for the Lake George Association and the commitment to protect the Lake’s famous water quality were clear at the Lake George Association’s 2018 Gala, titled “Red, White and Groove at the Lakeside Canteen,” at The Sagamore Resort on July 6. More than $157,000 was raised at the yearly party through the generosity of LGA members and friends – and that is a record amount for the evening.

While it is known as the best party on the lake, the function of the Lake George Association’s annual Gala is to raise money that can be used for projects and programs that focus on protecting Lake George’s water quality.

Historically, the Gala has been a critical support for the LGA’s programs. In five years of LGA Galas (2014 to 2018), members and friends have donated more than half a million dollars ($570,000) between sponsorships and auction items and other donations.

This year, a portion of the proceeds came from the sale of a 1963 Corvette Stingray that was donated to the LGA to benefit our water quality protection programs by Matthew and Lois Emmens. The car was sold for $49,500 that night.

“Once again, our members and friends have come through for us and for Lake George in a huge way,” said Walt Lender, the Lake George Association’s Executive Director.

“We look forward to the event every year as a way to celebrate the grandeur and majesty of Lake George and to support its consistent protection over the centuries,” Lender said. “The Gala is an important way to supplement funds raised by membership donations and grants we’ve earned, and it is a glamorous and fun social evening for our members.”

All of the money raised by the Lake George Association stays in the Lake George watershed and is put to work to protect the Lake’s water quality from Lake George Village to Ticonderoga.

“Attendees were diverse and included homeowners, boaters, business owners, friends and supporters around the Lake to the ‘Red, White and Groove at the Lakeside Canteen,’ ” said Nancy Cobb-Zoll, LGA Director of Development. “It is a testament to our deeply supportive community throughout the region, as well as the hard work of our Gala Chairwoman, Cheryl Lamb, and the group of volunteers.”

The evening included cocktails, dinner, a few live auction items, and a silent auction that included hundreds of items that were donated by local businesses and restaurants, and constant conversations as attendees renewed old friendships and made new ones.

Lake George Association protects Lake George water every day. Made possible by our members and donors, the LGA’s actions support water quality protection, scientific monitoring, education and lake friendly living programs that benefit the watershed from Lake George Village to Ticonderoga.

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All the money raised by the Lake George Association goes to projects and programs that benefit the Lake and the watershed, protecting Lake George water quality now and in the future.
Lake George Association

Lake George Association