LGA Identifies, DEC Confirms HAB on LG

A Harmful Algal Bloom appeared on Lake George on Saturday, November 7, on the northeast side of Assembly Point.

The New York State DEC has confirmed what LGA staff had identified: An isolated harmful algal bloom appeared Saturday, Nov. 7, on Lake George on the northeast side (Harris Bay side) of Assembly Point.

The bloom quickly dissipated, but reappeared on Monday, Nov. 9.

LGA staff returned to the bay on Monday to sample the water, and saw that the bloom had reappeared and was no longer isolated. The LGA has taken water samples in that part of the Lake which are being sent to a state lab to be processed.

This is the first confirmed HAB on Lake George.

LGA Director of Education Kristen Wilde samples the water where a Harmful Algal Bloom appeared. The HAB is shown as the streaks at the bottom of the photo in the water column.

This concerning discovery confirms that Lake George is not immune to HABs, and that as a community we have much work ahead of us to protect our water quality and prevent more outbreaks.

It will take work from the entire watershed population to ensure that.

This news confirms the LGA’s biggest concern for the Lake’s water quality: nutrients getting into the Lake triggering existing cyanobacteria. It’s why the Lake George Association focuses much of our work on actual, practical water quality protection projects that stop polluted stormwater, which carries the nutrients that cause problems.

We are thankful that the LGA member who raised the question was familiar with normal water conditions, and knew that there was something amiss and reported it.

That is one reason why we stress the importance of the LGA’s focus on Education and Outreach.

We are asking Lake homeowners to familiarize themselves with what a Harmful Algal Bloom looks like (you can see photos of HABs at the top of this page: https://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/81962.html ) and to email LGA Director of Education Kristen Wilde at [email protected] and DEC know if you think you see one on Lake George.

LGA staff will be out with partners in the next few days to survey for it.

We expect more information will likely be released from New York State DEC and New York State DOH in the coming days. We will keep you updated as we know more.

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