Marking Storm Drains Connected To Lake

volunteers mark storm drains that lead directly to Lake George.
Volunteers mark storm drains that lead directly to Lake George to raise awareness about how to protect Lake George.

A rainy spring can mean a very green summer, but it can also flood the lake with chemicals, salt, and nutrients that could harm water quality.

When rain falls, it rolls off the roof, down the driveway and down the road, and in many communities into storm sewers. In many communities, those storm sewers go directly into the Lake.

To raise awareness of how those storm drains are connected to the Lake, the Lake George Association and workers from the new Courtyard by Marriott Lake George spent a sunny spring morning applying medallions identifying the drains that lead to the Lake.

“Anything that makes it into those drains eventually will make it into the Lake,” said Kristen Wilde, Education Director of the Lake George Association. “It’s important for people to understand that in order to protect the Lake, they need to protect the areas around those drains.”

As homeowners are beginning to clean their yards in preparation for a (hopefully) warm, green season, the Lake George Association has a few suggestions on protecting the Lake’s drinking water.

Most importantly:

  • Do not drain pool water into those drains to protect Lake George water quality,
  • Do not dump household chemicals down the drains,
  • Keep them clear of leaves, sticks, grass clippings and other debris in order to protect the Lake from phosphorus, which encourages algae growth
  • Do not wash your car near the storm drain – soap and other chemicals will flow into the Lake.

Know of storm drains that need marking? Contact the Lake George Association at [email protected] or 518-668-3558.

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