New Lake George Partnership is Exactly What Lake George Needs

By Walt Lender

Executive Director, Lake George Association

The Lake George Partnership is exactly what we need, and is forming exactly when we need it.

The newly reconstituted Lake George Partnership, rising from the ashes of the former Lake George Watershed Coalition, won’t take time away from the valuable work that the member organizations are already doing to protect and conserve Lake George, and it won’t create yet another reporting structure or governmental body.

Put simply, the new Partnership is a forum. It is a place where members like the Lake George Association are discussing current and future concerns about the Lake, and where we can coordinate applications for state funding and grant applications so we aren’t duplicating efforts or competing for the same pot of money.

It works for all of the members, and it is being put to work for the Lake and all of you. We appreciate the support we’ve gotten to get the Partnership to this point. We were pleased to see the support from The Mirror in a recent editorial.

The Partnership will not write grant applications nor administer them. Each organization or municipality will be responsible for its own grants and administration of those grants.

The benefit of a functioning forum is that, for instance, as Lake George Village discusses ways it is working to stop untreated stormwater from entering the Lake, it triggers the offer by the LGA to perform a demonstration project with porous concrete to stop more stormwater.

By continuing to foster discussions on needs, projects and programs, the partnership will allow all of the members to continue to move ahead with Lake protection no matter what happens in the future.

The Lake George watershed has many needs. Fortunately, the Lake George watershed also has many like-minded organizations, municipalities and regional agencies who focus on protecting our water and conserving our resources. Also fortunate is that the Lake has many individual supporters who get involved.

The LGA is proud to have been the first Lake protection organization in the state, and in the country, having been founded in 1885 at the height of the conservation movement. And we are pleased that in 2019 we have so many partners and friends to share the work of Lake protection all year round.

Community, collaboration, and progress are at the foundation of the LGA’s efforts. And that, in essence is also reflected in the new Lake George Partnership: It works as a clearinghouse, so to speak, to support our conversations about the best ways to combine our efforts, our financial abilities, and our talents to do the most good while ensuring that we are not duplicating valuable, but limited, resources to get the job done.

That kind of partnership is a simple organization of equals. We want a place where we can share ideas, discuss emerging problems and potential solutions, and coordinate efforts in a variety of ways.

That kind of partnership will save organizational and municipal time for all of us – time that we can better spend focusing on everything that we do to protect the Lake together and separately.

Walt Lender is the Executive Director of the Lake George Association, whose members support water quality protection, scientific monitoring, education and lake friendly living programs that benefit the watershed from Lake George Village to Ticonderoga.



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