Seeking The Extent Of The HAB Problem

The Lake George Association has received an outpouring of helpful and important information from our members – we are so thankful for all of your reports, your concern, and your attention to the Harmful Algal Bloom issue.

With more than 2,000 members, the LGA is more informed because of all of your input and suggestions.

As we continue to add pieces to the puzzle, we want to specifically ask you for two more things:

  • If you took a photo of the Lake surface, no matter where it was taken, anytime after October 20, we’d like to see it. Please send the photo, the date it was taken and the photo location to Director of Education Kristen Wilde at [email protected]
  • In addition, if you are at the Lake tomorrow or later this week, please take a photo of the water along your shoreline or dock and send it to Kristen, as well.

As we work to solve the puzzle, what we know for sure is that we have a lot of work to do to prevent nutrients from getting into the Lake.

FYI: A Harmful Algal Bloom can form when certain conditions are present – warm water, low water circulation, sunlight and abundance of nutrients. If the cyanobacteria begin to multiply rapidly and create a bloom, it has the potential to produce toxins and other harmful compounds that can pose a public health risk.

Waiting for Bacteria Identity Confirmation

We are waiting for New York State confirmation of the identity of the cyanobacteria that was in our water samples, as well as the potential toxin in the water samples Kristen took on Monday off Assembly Point.

The timing needed to complete the identification by a state lab was overtaken by the fact that today is Veterans Day, a state and federal holiday.

As soon as we receive the confirmation and results, we will release them to you. We are anticipating information tomorrow.

Partners Meeting Planned Next Week

The LGA staff is working to convene a meeting next week with partners around the Lake to discuss the immediate issues and Lake needs, share knowledge and discuss priority large-scale plans to slow or stop the inflow of nutrients from around the Lake.

Our goal has not changed, but the urgency has increased. We need to slow or stop nutrients from getting into the Lake to prevent more Harmful Algal Blooms from forming.

Support Stormwater/Stream Corridor Regulation

LGA staff members have also been in regular contact with the Lake George Park Commission to renew our support for the proposed stormwater regulation updates and stream corridor regulations – both of which will cut back on the nutrients in the Lake that feed a HAB.

If you have not done so, please send an email or letter to the Park Commission to let them know that you support the regulation updates that cut back on nutrients and protect the Lake.

Lest We Forget

Today in the United States is Veterans Day. We pause for a moment to honor all of those who have served in the Armed Forces for their patriotism and service to our country.

The LGA thanks our veterans for their service to ensure our freedom.

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