Thank You For Coming Through In 2020

Thank you for your strong and loyal support of the LGA in 2020!

Because of you – even during the pandemic – Lake protection continued:

  • Project Manager Randy Rath led a number of projects to directly protect the Lake’s water quality;
  • Director of Education Kristen Wilde was able to continue the LGA’s water sampling programs and teaching; and
  • Environmental Educator Emily Boucher was able to work with families, and to work on outreach programs.

And we all learned a lot about how to make our Lake protection work “work” from home.

The LGA staff’s biggest concern, this year more than any other, was whether the financial support from our members would remain steady. We recognize that our members were pulled in many directions this year with such significant needs in our communities.

We are humbled and honored that you chose protecting Lake George as one of your 2020 priorities! And the real-world benefit of your choice is that the LGA has closed a funding gap and can now purchase an important piece of equipment to continue protection against polluted stormwater!

Your Support Pays For Protection Equipment

We had applied for a grant to complete funding for an important piece of equipment, but did not receive that grant in 2020.

Thanks to your membership donations, we will be able to buy the ride-on vacuum machine that will keep both the porous concrete we installed and the porous pavement areas debris-free. Both areas now will be able to work to protect the water quality indefinitely!

The machine, to be used by the Village and Town of Lake George, is a symbol of many long-term partnerships that the LGA has forged that focus on protecting the Lake now and for the future.

‘I Stepped Up for the Lake’ Drawing Winner

This year of social distancing required us to get creative and go virtual to support our work!

We held three events we had never done before:

  • A virtual wine tasting (Thanks to Joseph Carr at Josh Cellars!);
  • “One Lap Around,” the awareness raising row of the shorelines of Lake George and Lake Champlain by our good friend Al Freihofer; and
  • Our “I Stepped Up for the Lake” program, where members could choose to increase their membership donation to support our work. More than half of our membership did “Step Up,” many at a much higher level than our suggested 20%.

As promised, once all of our 2020 “I Stepped Up” entries were tabulated and entered into our system, a random drawing was done for the Stand Up Paddleboard donated by our friends at Boats By George / Patty’s Water Sports.

Stand Up Paddleboard winners Anthony and Sandra Poulos, standing with me in the LGA office.

The winners are Anthony and Sandra Poulos! They are pictured with the board and with me at our office recently.

We hope they will enjoy the board this summer and celebrate all of the generous LGA members who Stepped Up to protect our beautiful Lake!

For all of this, we thank you.

You came through again and supported the work in 2020 just as you do year after year – and Lake George Association staff, board and partners are forever grateful for everything that you have donated to ensure we can continue to protect the Lake’s water quality.


Walt Lender
LGA Executive Director

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