Thanks to Northern Border Regional Commission, Sen. Schumer, for $500,000 Wastewater Treatment Plant Grant

“Along with the 2,000+ members of the Lake George Association, the Board of Directors and I want to thank the Northern Border Regional Commission and Sen. Charles Schumer for the $500,000 in federal funding to support the reconstruction of the Lake George Wastewater Treatment Plant,” said Walt Lender, Executive Director of the Lake George Association.

“It is a significant leap forward toward completing the project’s funding package, and is an important step in water quality protection. Nothing is more important to us than protecting Lake George.”

“We were pleased to have provided the LGA’s support in the application process.”

“It is heartening to see federal funding for this enormous and expensive project, which when complete will protect our Lake from excess nitrates well into the next century. It will also ease the financial burden on our residents and will give a much needed boost to the reconstruction process.”

“The ability to maintain the pristine water quality of Lake George, classified AA special water body suitable for drinking, is of paramount importance to maintaining its place as an economic anchor for upstate New York.”

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Lake George Association

Lake George Association