Warrensburg Sixth-Grader Wins Eleventh Annual LG Bookmark Contest

Chloe Rumble, a sixth grader from Warrensburg Elementary, has been voted as the winner of the eleventh annual Lake George Bookmark Design Contest.

In accordance with the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission and the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization’s “International Year of the Salmon,” our 2019 Lake George Bookmark Contest theme was “The Year of the Salmon.” The LGA received 161 entries from six different schools that serve students in the watershed.

The winning design. Click to see the full-size version.

“The landlocked Atlantic salmon is a prized sportfish in Lake George,” said Lindsey Kenna, the LGA’s educator, “and it was a natural fit to be the subject of the Lake George Bookmark Design Contest this year.”

“Each year, we partner with several schools in the watershed for the ‘Salmon in the Classroom’ program, where students raise salmon from eyed eggs to fry to teach them about the importance of high water quality.”

The informational side of the Lake George Bookmark Design Contest winner.

“Salmon survival can be threatened by poor water quality, degraded habitats from poor land use practices, and predation from introduced and invasive species,” Kenna said. “The contest is an important way to encourage students to think about Lake George, and how the protection of water quality keeps the entire ecosystem protected.”

This year, the LGA also named four Honorable Mentions in the contest: Jack Manley of Warrensburg, Mckenna Hazelton of the William H. Barton Intermediate School; and Gracie Patnode and Makayla Barber of Ticonderoga Elementary School.

Entries came from: Ticonderoga Elementary School, William H. Barton Intermediate School (Queensbury 4-5), Stuart M. Townsend Elementary School, Warrensburg Elementary School, Lake George Elementary School and Whitehall Elementary School.

A certificate recognizing her achievement will be presented to Chloe.

The Bookmark Design Contest, sponsored by the Lake George Association and the Town and Village of Lake George, is an annual contest open to students in grades 4-7 from schools that serve students living in the Lake George watershed.

The winning bookmark will be distributed to schools and libraries, to the Lake George, Hague, Bolton and Ticonderoga visitor centers, and will be available at the offices of the Lake George Association.

The Lake George Association is the oldest and most experienced lake protection organization in the country, whose members support water quality protection, scientific monitoring, education and lake-friendly living programs that benefit the watershed from Lake George Village to Ticonderoga.

All the money raised by the Lake George Association stays in the Lake George watershed, and is used to support and fund projects and programs that protect Lake George water quality now and for the future.

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All the money raised by the Lake George Association goes to projects and programs that benefit the Lake and the watershed, protecting Lake George water quality now and in the future.
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Lake George Association