West Brook Conservation Initiative Removing Nutrients

A recent study performed for the partners in the West Brook Conservation Initiative (the former Gaslight Village and Charley’s Saloon properties in the Village and Town of Lake George) has been completed and we are pleased to report that the treatment of stormwater runoff works as designed and exceeds our expectations in removing nutrients.

The wetlands complex was built during 2011-13 to stop untreated stormwater from flowing directly into Lake George and damaging the water quality in the Lake.

The study, commissioned by the five partners, determined that the effectiveness of the wetland complex to treat stormwater runoff from the highly developed area of Route 9 was “very satisfactory” for nitrate-nitrogen and total filterable phosphorus.

According to the study, the removal efficiency of nitrate-nitrogen was 89%; the removal efficiency of total filterable phosphorus was at least 86%.

It was designed to remove 50% of total phosphorus and is removing 85%; and was designed to remove 90% of total suspended solids and is removing 94%.

The ponds were designed to remove nutrients: The stormwater slows as it enters the system, and suspended pollutants drop out. The nutrients are then taken up by the plants in the ponds. The plants are removed regularly to encourage re-growth, new growth and continued nutrient uptake.

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