LGA Co-Sponsoring Bolton Septic Inspection Program Inspection Training

You may know that both Queensbury and Bolton have passed laws requiring inspections of a property’s septic system to ensure it is functional before a property transfers from one owner to another — laws supported by the communities and by the Lake George Association.

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To prepare for the implementation of their law, the Town of Bolton is hosting a Septic Inspection Training Program on June 27. Registration form is here and is due by June 25.

The LGA is co-sponsoring the training to ensure there are enough qualified local inspectors to handle the number of transfers, now and in the future.

“The Lake George Association was pleased to support the passage of a septic inspection law in Bolton – one that the town residents agreed on – and we are pleased to sponsor this training as the next step to get the law implemented,” said Walt Lender, LGA Executive Director.

“Properly maintaining a septic system is the primary way homeowners can protect the Lake’s water quality,” Lender said. “And according to the LGA’s Watershed Data Atlas, the Town of Bolton has the greatest number of onsite wastewater systems at 1,790.”

“Right there are 1,7,90 reasons why the law matters, why functioning septic systems are critical, and why it is important to have properly trained inspectors – it all means being protective of the Lake’s water quality.”

The Lake George Association recommends to our members that everyone have their septic system inspected every two to three years and pump the systems as needed.

Inspections are the primary way, and really the only way, to protect water quality from household wastewater throughout the Lake George watershed, where eight towns, three counties and a village share the water source.

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