LGA Protects Lake George Water Quality Every Day

Installing a dry well to capture unhealthy stormwater and protect our water supply.
Crews from the Town of Lake George install a dry well on Gage Road to capture stormwater and put it into the ground, keeping the runoff from reaching West Brook. The LGA invested money to purchase two dry wells on Gage Road to protect West Brook from nutrients and pollutants from stormwater.

The Lake George Association has been the guardian of Lake George’s water quality for more than a century.

Working together with homeowners, local municipalities, business, state officials and state agencies, every Lake-Saving Project and program the Lake George Association and our partners do is focused on a simple phrase: Protect Our Water.

Our work to protect Lake George’s water quality is made possible by you and people like you. It is the dues of our members, donations from our friends, and volunteer work by our citizen scientists and members that continue to sustain our century of Lake protection.

The Lake George Association staff works every day on projects and programs to protect water quality — investing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in projects that Protect Our Water.

Working with partners, backed by scientific research, our projects are vitally important to keeping Lake George a clean and well-managed watershed.

You can see a map and short explanation of some of the LGA’s recent Lake-Saving Projects here.

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All the money raised by the Lake George Association goes to projects and programs that benefit the Lake and the watershed, protecting Lake George water quality now and in the future.
Lake George Association

Lake George Association