Removing Asian Clams From Lake George For Study

Tracking and surveying invasive plant and animal locations, spread and population size helps the Lake George Association devise strategies to fight against the Lake invaders.

Each summer, LGA staff perform swims along the entire lake shore with the Lake George Park Commission to search for Asian clams and for Eurasian watermilfoil, among other invasive species.

Two swimmers show tubes of Asian clams pulled from Lake George.
Two young ladies, who were helping out at the LGA’s Asian Clam Citizen Science Day, show the invasive Asian clams they removed from Sandy Bay in Lake George.

In 2016, the LGA invited citizen scientists — or potential citizen scientists — to join us in the first of what is expected to be our annual Asian Clam Citizen Science Day in Sandy Bay.

Sandy Bay, on the east side of the Lake, is a popular boat anchoring spot, and one that has a known infestation of Asian clams (discovered during a lakewide survey in 2013).

The goal of the LGA’s Asian Clam Citizen Science Day was two-fold: To instruct the citizen scientists how to identify Asian clams among the many different mollusks in the Lake, and to study the density of Asian clams in discrete locations within the bay.

Approximately 20 volunteers joined LGA staff, Lake George Park Commission staff and Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District staff (and watched over by dozens of boaters and swimmers, who asked lots of questions) measured the density in seven separate locations.

The density surveys ranged from 1 Asian clam per square meter to 279 clams per square meter. A total of 478 clams were removed from Sandy Bay that day and were sent to Darrin Fresh Water Institute for analysis.

Interested in helping this year? Sign up to volunteer for the Asian Clam Citizen Science Day for the LGA, and we’ll send you details about the day and time of the program.

The LGA will continue to monitor current populations, and will continue to participate in surveys and commission research studies to better understand how to fight against and defeat these Lake invaders.

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