Reducing Boat Emissions In Lake George

Marine engines – especially older engines – are known to produce more emissions than automobiles. Following these simple steps will help you reduce boat emissions, providing a cleaner boating environment and a cleaner Lake George.

  • Use the gas to oil ratio recommended by the engine manufacturer. Too much oil can foul spark plugs and too little can lead to increased engine wear or even failure.
  • Use premium two-cycle engine oil. Premium oils improve engine performance and reduce pollution because they burn cleaner, contain more detergents, and prevent formation of carbon deposits.
  • Use gasoline with the octane level recommended by the engine manufacturer.
  • Keep the engine well tuned: no leaking seals, gaskets, or hoses.
  • When it is time to buy a new engine, select a fuel efficient, low emission model.
  • Install a fuel/air separator along your vent line. These devices allow air, but not fuel, to escape through a vent opening.

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