Reduce Your Impact! Safely Fuel Your Boat.

Petroleum-based fuel is a hazardous material. The most effective way to minimize its potentially harmful effect on Lake George is to reduce consumption and prevent spills. When fueling your boat at any Lake George marina, be sure to:

  • Fuel slowly and carefully. Never prop open a fuel trigger on a gas pump handle or leave your vessel unattended on Lake George when filling your gasoline tank.
  • Use oil absorbent pads to catch drips while handing the fuel nozzle between the dock and the boat.
  • Know how much fuel your tanks hold, and don’t top off! Only fill the tank to 90% since fuel expands as it warms up. If a marina attendant is filling up your tank, let them know how much your tank holds.
  • Refuel at the end of the day, listen to the filler pipe to anticipate when the tank is full and leave room for expansion. If you overfill your tank, you can actually lose fuel out of the overflow vents during the heat of the day.
  • Fill portable gas tanks on shore where spills are less likely to occur and easier to clean up.
  • Inspect fuel lines regularly. Replace those with dry, cracked or soft spots.

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