Handling Boat Sewage on Lake George

Raw or poorly treated boat sewage is harmful to human health and the water quality of Lake George. Handling boat sewage properly is important as typhoid, hepatitis, cholera, gastroenteritis, and other waterborne diseases may be passed directly to people who swim in contaminated waters.

On Lake George, sanitary facilities must be permanently sealed to prevent discharge into the lake.

See below for pumpout tips and locations on Lake George where you can pump your boat’s sanitary tank safely.

It is unlawful to throw, discharge or abandon any foul or deleterious substance into Lake George.

To protect Lake George water:

  • Empty portable toilets at dump stations (See list below) or at home.
  • Use restrooms on shore whenever possible.
  • Establish a regular maintenance schedule for your Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) based on manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Avoid using additives like quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) or formaldehyde in your holding tank. Use safer enzyme-based products to control odor and reduce solids.
  • Consider installing a filtered air holding tank.
  • Keep diapers, sanitary napkins, oils, solvents, and other harmful chemicals out of toilets.
  • If using pump-out equipment, wash your hands with antibacterial soap after use.
  • Dispose of your pet’s waste properly.

Pumpout Locations

Several private marinas provide convenient pump-out services for marine facilities. A state owned pump-out is available free of charge at Mossy Point Boat Launch in Ticonderoga.

South Basin:

  • Boardwalk Marina 518-668-4828
  • Boats by George 518-656-9353
  • Castaway Marina 518-656-3636
  • Dunham’s Bay Boat Company 518-656-9244
  • Fischer’s Marina 518-656-9981
  • Hall’s Boat Co, 518-668-5437
  • Harris Bay Yacht Club 518-656-9028
  • Lake George Boat Co. 518-656-9203
  • Mooring Post Marina 518-656-9206
  • Norowal Marina 518-644-3741
  • Yankee Boating Center 518-668-2862

North Basin:

  • Mossy Point, Ticonderoga

How to Pump Your Boat’s Holding Tank

Since different machines vary slightly, be sure to read and follow posted directions! In general, here’s how it works:

  1. Remove cap from boat’s deck waste fitting.
  2. Insert pumpout hose nozzle into deck fitting.
  3. Turn pump on. If there is a hose valve, open it to start the suction.
  4. When no waste is seen in sight glass, close hose valve and remove nozzle from deck fitting.
  5. Put nozzle (with open valve) in bucket of water for 15 seconds to rinse hose. If desired, rinse boat’s holding tank with water and pump dry.
  6. Close valve. Put away hose. Turn off pump if requested. Replace deck fitting cap.

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