Lake-Friendly Boating Protects Lake George

Reducing fuel consumption is good for Lake George and your wallet!  Here are some ways to lessen your fuel consumption when boating on Lake George and use fuel more efficiently.

  • Keep the engine tuned. Proper ignition timing and clean spark plugs assure better gas mileage. Have a trained technician inspect the carburetor for proper float level, correct jetting, and proper choke operation. Change the fuel and oil filters on a regular basis.
  • Balance your load. A balanced boat can get on plane quickly, reaching the desired speed with less plowing.
  • Slow down. Operating at wide-open throttle can increase fuel consumption by 50% or more over mid-range speeds. “Trimming” the boat reduces the amount of wetted surface while maintaining speed at reduced RPMs thereby saving fuel.
  • Watch your weight. The lighter the boat and its load, the less horsepower required to propel it, allowing greater fuel economy.
  • Avoid excess idling. Whenever you have to stop, turn off the ignition.
  • Check your propeller. A damaged prop will waste fuel. Keep propeller blades clean; replace or repair props that have damaged blades. Select diameter and pitch to limit RPMs to the level recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Keep your boat bottom clean. Growth of any kind (plant or animal) on your hull increases drag and causes you to use more fuel every time you leave the dock.

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Lake George Association

Lake George Association