Please Protect Lake George From All Trash

Trash that manages to go overboard, or trash that is absent-mindedly left on the beach or at dockside, is more than just unsightly — it can damage the Lake and its inhabitants.

Something as trivial as a plastic bag or piece of fishing line can be sucked into an intake or propeller, causing delays and costly repairs.

Trash, especially plastic, can entrap or suffocate mammals, birds, and fish. Small pieces can look like food and be ingested causing harm or death to the animal that eats it.

Remember: It is unlawful to throw, discharge or abandon any foul or deleterious substance into Lake George.

Ways to protect Lake George from trash:

  • Bring a container with a lid aboard to collect your garbage and keep it from blowing overboard.
  • Minimize the use of plastic wrap and bags when packing for your trip.
  • Don’t toss any garbage or cigarettes overboard; cigarette filters are plastic and deadly to birds and fish.
  • If trash blows overboard, retrieve it.
  • Pick up other trash in the water or along the shore if you can reach it safely.
  • Recycle cans, glass, plastic, and newspapers.
  • Bring used monofilament fishing line to recycling bins at your marina or tackle shop.

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