Protecting Lake George Watershed

LGA staff members work with contractors to protect Lake George Watershed
LGA Project Manager Randy Rath, center, goes over Lake-Saving Project plans with contractors and partners to install a dry well to capture stormwater. The project prevented thousands of gallons of runoff from entering the Lake.

The Lake George Association’s focus is to protect Lake George from pollution, sediment, stormwater runoff, and harmful nutrients.

One of the main ways we save Lake George water quality is to perform “Lake-Saving Projects” all throughout the Lake George watershed. See the map below for details of some recent projects.

While there are many concerns for Lake George water, scientific studies have shown that one of the greatest threats to Lake George’s water quality is untreated stormwater flowing into the Lake. Many of our “Lake-Saving Projects” focus on stopping untreated stormwater from reaching the Lake.

Among the larger projects was the West Brook Conservation Initiative, a project that restored wetlands at the head of the Lake to protect Lake George’s water quality. The Lake George Association worked with the Village of Lake George and Warren County and the Lake George Land Conservancy and the Fund for Lake George. You can read all about it here.

All flowing stormwater captures pollution, sediment, harmful nutrients, and salt — none of that is beneficial to the Lake. When the stormwater has not been treated, the harmful substances that the stormwater carries flow directly into the streams that feed the lake and the Lake itself.

Lake George is drinking water – and no one wants harmful substances in their drinking water. The LGA believes that we all have a part – property owners, regulators, municipalities, boaters, swimmers, anglers, and non-profit organizations – in protecting the water quality of Lake George.

Each year, the Lake George Association dedicates hundreds of thousands of dollars toward ensuring Lake George water stays Class AA-Special — the highest rating for water given by the state of New York.

For details on any of the more recent Lake George Association Lake-Saving Projects, zoom into the map below and click one of the pointers.

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All the money raised by the Lake George Association goes to projects and programs that benefit the Lake and the watershed, protecting Lake George water quality now and in the future.
Lake George Association

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