14th Annual Lake George Bookmark Design Contest

The Lake George Association is looking for original artwork for the 14th Annual Lake George Bookmark Design Contest. Entries are now being accepted from all students attending public, private, or home schools located within the Lake George watershed. The Lake George watershed is 233 square miles and includes the towns of Lake George, Bolton, Hague, Ticonderoga, Putnam, Dresden, Fort Ann, Queensbury, the village of Lake George, Horicon, Lake Luzerne and Warrensburg.

The 2022 bookmark theme is: “Clean Water Starts in Your Backyard”

Stormwater Runoff is the single biggest threat to the water quality of Lake George. Stormwater flows off everyone’s property as rain or melted snow running off roofs and across lawns, driveways, parking lots and roads, picking up nutrients and other contaminants along the way and carrying them into streams and, ultimately, into the Lake. The more impervious surfaces (like driveways and sidewalks) your property has, the more runoff that is produced.

Because stormwater comes from every place, everyone has a critical role to play in reducing runoff. As everyone does their part, we will reduce algae-feeding nutrients, meaning less algae on our docks, boats, lake bottom rocks, and, most importantly, less risk of harmful algal blooms. You can Act Now and learn more about preventing stormwater runoff.

Lake George Watershed

Submission Guidelines

  • Finished bookmark size is 3” x 8”. A template is provided on the entry form.
  • Designs must be in color (crayon, colored pencil, marker, or watercolor) on unlined white paper. Digital creations will also be accepted.
  • The winning design will be printed on a bookmark along with the student’s name and school and distributed to schools, libraries, and other locations throughout the Lake George watershed.

To enter the contest, please download the Entry Form and submit it by May 6, 2022!

Entries can be mailed or emailed to: Lake George Association Attn: Kristen Wilde PO Box 408 Lake George, NY 12845 [email protected]