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A retired teacher, LGA member Al Freihofer is on an interesting trip awareness raising and fund raising he’s calling “One Lap Around.”

He’s rowing from his home in Cleverdale up the east side of the Lake, portaging through Ticonderoga to Lake Champlain, rowing a lap around Lake Champlain, and then portaging back to Lake George, and rowing down the west side to Lake George Village, and then back up the east shore of Lake George to Cleverdale.

His trip consists of roughly 350 miles of rowing over two weeks or so, with a goal of raising awareness of the beauty and fragility of the Lake and its water quality — and to raise money to support the LGA’s efforts to protect that water quality.

Following a cancer scare and the passing of his mother, “the idea of two weeks of rowing in relative isolation, of being able to reflect and express my gratitude for life and love seems not only a luxury, but an imperative. Especially now,” he shared with us.

He wants to virtually bring us along, and use the trip as a fundraiser to support the LGA’s protection against polluted stormwater, and has named the LGA as the trip’s beneficiary. Polluted stormwater is by far the greatest human contributor to water quality decline in Lake George.

The LGA is proud to partner with Al to showcase the Lake, to enjoy the trip through his eyes, and to support our work protecting the Lake’s water conditions from harm.

He put it this way. “If I can incite pledges to the LGA in its mission to educate, to steward, and to preserve, I’ll have done something good. I hope that you will join me on this row, vicariously, of course, and add your support to the vital work of the LGA.”

He will be blogging every day, and we plan to post his reflections on our Facebook page (and photos, when we get them, on our Instagram page). You can reach his blog here:

As a special treat to all who donate, you will get a private discussion (on Zoom) at the conclusion of his trip to hear from Al directly about his trip!

Al thanks you for your attention and your support!

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