Boaters Can Prevent Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are non-native plants and animals that threaten native plants, wildlife, and their habitat. Lake George has six invasive species, many fewer than surrounding water bodies.

Stop Aquatic Invasive SpeciesThe Lake George Association works every day to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species, and supports Lake George’s Mandatory Boat Inspection Program, which is run by the Lake George Park Commission. The program developed out of a program run by the Lake George Association, the LGA’s Lake Steward Program.

Many invasives have a direct impact on boating and fishing areas, raising the concern of reducing water quality and reducing the value of property in the area. Additionally, tourism can drop when invasives establish themselves.

Once AIS are established, eradication is almost impossible.

INSPECT, CLEAN, DRAIN, and DRY to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species

Aquatic invasives can be found in bilge and ballast water, bait buckets and livewells, and can adhere to boats, trailers, motors, anchors and ropes, paddles, hipwaders, apparel, and fishing tackle.

Help stop their spread by cleaning all recreational equipment that comes in contact with the water.

  • INSPECT and REMOVE all visible mud, plants, fish/ animals from your boat, trailer, clothing, dogs or other equipment and dispose of in a suitable trash container on dry land. Use the Watercraft Check Points guide below to help you inspect your boat.
  • CLEAN your boat and equipment with hot water greater than 140 degrees F. If hot water is not available, spray your boat, trailer, and equipment with high-pressure water.
  • DRAIN water from boat, hatches, bilge, live wells, transom wells and any other locations with water on land before leaving the launch site.
  • DRY your boat, trailer, and all equipment completely. Drying times vary depending on the weather and the type of material. At least five days is recommended.

Lake George regulations require that any trailered vessel being launched into the waters of the Lake George Park (that includes Trout Lake) must be inspected for invasive species before it is allowed into the water. The graphic below shows where you should check your trailered watercraft for invasive species.

Where to inspect your boat for aquatic invasive species.

Prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

For more information on how to protect Lake George from the spread of invasive species, visit

For more information about Aquatic Invasive Species in Lake George, visit our Invasive Species page.

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